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  • Our Children are natural explores. We belive  that they uses all of their senses to explore . They look and listen to observe what is happening around them, touch what they can reach, smell the fresh scents of natural, and occasionally taste when give permission. They run, jump,dig, and climb s they discover new place. We encourage our children to observe and discover the world.  They  learn best by experimenting with their environment so we help them to explore the beauty , natural and wonder of everything around his/her.


  • Curiosity drives our children to explore, learn and discover new things. As the children explore, their life experiences fuel social, physical,emotional and intellectual development.   Our stimulating and organized learning corners provide a variety of intresting and safe materials to increase children’s exploration.


  • We will utilize both Montessori and Thematic Integrated curriculum in our learning corner. We introduce materials gradually to stimulate children’s curiousity and learning. For instance, some of our children explore by touching, smelling, climbing and tasting while others explore with their minds. We pay extra attention, offere assurance and be patient to help our children to explore the world.


  • We let our children to explore , create and discover through hands on activities independently, individually and in small groups under the guidance of our teachers.
  • At Apple Seed Preschool, Our goal is to:
    1. help children looking forward coming to school and that they will flourish within our caring supportive environment. As your children come to school, we will give them security and confidence in our daily activities and help them develop a love of learning.This learning expeiences helps our children to build confience and and self-exteem for optimal exploration.
    2. We also encourage our children to work  harmoniously, cooperate  and develop respect for each other.
    3. We work closely and efficiently with parents to have our children settle in and become comfortable with Apple Seed.


  • Our child-centered methods allow children to develop positive learning attitudes and become self-learners with the motivation confidence, strong communication skills and a real passion for schooling.
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