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Outdoor Fitness For Our Children

We want  our kids to know that stay fit is an important part of life. We love teaching them outdoor new exercises and watching them develop healthy habits. We make our preschool children do the stretching exercise around the school…

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Our Montessori Everyday~ Sensory Activity

Our children love and enjoy using our Montessori sensorial materials. We realized that there is so much more we can do when they used both of the sensorial materials, the extension activities are limitless and pattern making is even more…

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Go on a natural walk

Experience the natural walk will help our children be calmer, smarter and happier as they learn to master virtual words. Walk like this also will make them connect with natural and teach them to become caretakers of our natural environment.

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Outdoor Water Play Pool Fun 凉快戏水时光

Water play is our children favorite, and they’ve been enjoying it every times. They have had a great time to enjoy having fun in the sun. Instead they succeeded in making giant splashed! 这星期孩子们从教室内玩到教室外,来看看孩子们本周又体验了精彩的戏水时光,有你有我有好友!

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Montessori Sensorial Activity

Our children choose their own work in our Montessori classroom. Over and over they practice the sensorial materials, they have learned about dimensions and sizes, exploring which is large, larger and largest or small, smaller and smallest.

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Inspired Learning Corners Activities Outside

Taking Montessori - Inspired Learning Corners Activities Outside We believed that the outdoor classroom is a natural extension of the classroom, that there should be harmony between the indoor and outdoor learning environments. Our children discover the world through their…

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恭喜发财 Gong Xi Fa Cai ~ 2018

2018,2月又到了和小朋友一起迎接新的日子 感恩这一年,孩子都能平安喜乐的茁壯长大 我们的孩子都能依照自己的能力往前迈进了一大步 下一年,我们依旧平安! 孩子年前都在忙碌些什麼呢? 一起來欣賞各班孩子在各区域好玩的新春精彩活动和作品吧! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year! We celebrated our CNY with the fun Montessori inspired activities in each learning corner. Children got to learn about the meaning of the Chinese New Year,…

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